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From J.D. Meier's Blog April 09, 2012 at 02:51PM

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This is a serious roundup of top blogs for insight and action:

Colleagues asked me where do I go to find the best of the Web for insight and action.   This is that list.  It’s a list of the top blogs and sites that I find really go the extra mile.   It’s a mash up of top blogs on the following areas of focus: business skills, continuous learning, entrepreneurism, fun, leadership, personal development, productivity, strategy, technology, thinking skills, and trends.

Here is a sampling of top blogs from the list:

  1. If you like infographics or visualizing information, you’ll really appreciate the artful presentation and insights of Information is Beautiful, by David McCandless.
  2. If you are curious about the best patterns and practices in the world for living to be 100, you’ll enjoy Blue Zones Blog, by Dan Buettner.
  3. If you want the Web at your finger tips in a scannable way, you’ll enjoy All Top.
  4. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, anticipate the future, and be in the know on which trends will make a difference, check out Jim Carroll – Futurist, Trends, and Innovation.
  5. If you want leadership insights you can use, with a dash of productivity sprinkled in, you’ll enjoy Michael Hyatt – Intentional Leadership.
  6. If you want deep insights into the art of change leadership, you’ll want to explore The Changing Minds Blog, by David Straker.
  7. If you want ground breaking information on peak personal performance and experiments in life style design, you’ll enjoy The Blog of Tim Ferris.

It’s a living list of top blogs.  I’ll periodically update it.  

Enjoy and explore the top blogs for insight and action.

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